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Party Clothes

It’s time to look sexy, trendy, cute, fashionable and have fun! But deciding what to wear can be a difficult decision… Whether you want sexy clubwear or clubbing clothes such as a mini skirt and a halter top or sexy trendy clothes for a date, or a trendy mini dress, the clothing you choose to wear always depend on the type of event you attend.

Here are some general clothing guidelines:

Event Event Description Women Usually Wear Guys Usually Wear
Going out dancing at a nightclub, hanging out at a lounge, or a night out on the town.

There will be a lot of coed social interaction. Probably lots of drinks, dancing, or lounging at a nightclub.

Women think sexy, trendy, hot, cami, tank tops, clubwear, and clubbing clothes ideal for dancing.


A party necklace makes a great accessory.

Clubbing clothes - sexy clubwear - clubbing outfits

Sexy Tops
tank tops
halter tops

Sexy Dress
mini skirt
sexy short skirt
clubbing skirt
tight skirt
or sexy pants

Nightclub / Clubbing apparel


collared shirt with buttons


black or brown dress shoes.

Cocktail Parties: High Dress up Factor Think fancy food, nice music, luxury. Women usually wear a cocktail dress or an evening dress with a pair of high heels. A generous application of make-up and perfume are appropriate Men will wear a suit and tie along with a nice pair of black dress shoes. For a more casual look on a warm day, a nice dress shirt, tie, shoes, and a blazer for style and as an added bonus, to keep their date warm when the evening cools down.
Movie Night – Game Night Think junk food, soda, and a small crowd of hungry people.

Women usually wear their going out clothes such as jeans, a comfortable sweatshirt, t-shirt, and socks.

Men usually wear a comfortable pair of blue jeans, a t-shirt, a warmer shirt if it’s cold out, and some don’t feel the need to shave.
Dinner Party Think potluck or food served by a local caterer. Dress comfortably, but nothing shabby in case you want to impress someone. Women can wear comfortable slacks, a shirt, and regular shoes that they would wear while eating out at a nice family restaurant. In this case, anything goes is usually the rule of thumb for the guys.
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If you’re totally stumped and have no idea what to wear, it’s usually best to ask others attending the same party for ideas on what is or isn’t acceptable for certain parties with dress codes.

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